RUISHI diamond wire drawing die blank is a diamond powder sintered using ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure processes under the action of various metal (cobalt containing) catalysts. During the sintering process, high-strength diamond bonds are formed between diamond microcrystalline particles, strongly binding diamond powder particles together to form polycrystalline diamond (PDC). The diamond wire drawing die blank manufactured with this method has good toughness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity, hardness, and mechanical strength, and is suitable for drawing non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, and various alloy wires. “

Downhole motor is a kind of downhole dynamic drilling tool upon the power of drilling mud. Mud stream from the outlet of mud pump flows through a by-pass valve into the motor. This stream produces pressure loss at both inlet and outlet of the pump, to push the rotor into rotating. and to transmit the torque and speed onto the bit. The downhole motor property mainly depends upon its property parameters.

After optimization design, the tooth arrangement is reasonable, and different tooth shapes and heights are designed for various rock formations, resulting in good drilling performance.

This series of drilling tools is a universal rock reaming drilling tool in the non excavation industry. Our company independently designs and produces tooth wheel palms, which can produce various types of tooth wheel reamers suitable for non excavation drilling machines and various formations.

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