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Roller Bit Palm

It can be widely used in rotary excavation projects for urban subway and high-speed rail infrastructure construction, as well as building pile foundations. Based on various rock formations, it has been optimized and designed using different tooth shapes, tooth heights, and reasonable tooth arrangement. It has good drillability, targeted optimization of bearing systems, strong bearing capacity, and is widely used in the non excavation market.


Roller Bit Palm

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Product details

Structural characteristics


This series of drill bits adopts high toughness hard alloy teeth, and adopts optimized tooth arrangement structure design with tooth rows, tooth numbers, and exposed tooth height, fully leveraging the cutting ability of the insert bit; The use of welding materials between the tooth palm runway and the second stop surface friction pair reduces the temperature rise of the friction surface, resulting in a longer working life; 
Adopting a new type of diameter retaining material for dental palm and dental wheel, the dental palm adopts a symmetrical full diameter retaining structure, reducing friction between the back of the dental palm and the wellbore, protecting the dental palm tip and sealing, enhancing work stability, and increasing the quality of the wellbore; Adopting vacuum oil injection method to reduce bearing pair wear; Steel ball locking teeth, suitable for higher rotational speeds;


Recommended drilling parameters

Formations IADC WOB RPM
Medium hardness formation with high compressive strength, such as hard shale, limestone, sandstone, dolomite, etc. 617 0.4-1.05 160-40
formation with high compressive strength, medium hardness, and high abrasiveness, such as limestone, dolomite, sandstone, flint, etc. 637 0.50-1.05 160-40

Main models

Bit size
inch mm
8 1/2 215.9
9 1/2 241.3
10 5/8 269.9
12 1/4 311.2
13 5/8 346.1



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