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Roller cone hole opener

This series of drilling tools is a universal rock reaming drilling tool in the non excavation industry. Our company independently designs and produces tooth wheel palms, which can produce various types of tooth wheel reamers suitable for non excavation drilling machines and various formations.


Roller cone hole opener

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Product details

Structural characteristics


Select the appropriate tooth profile and bearing structure based on the characteristics of the drilling rig and different geological conditions. The palm tip is widened and thickened with alloy, and the palm back is inlaid with anti wear alloy to reduce wear. Hydraulic rock breaking. 
Smooth slag discharge to reduce rock slag accumulation. Welding process to prevent welding overheating. The guide belt design of the drill bit body has good guiding effect, making the reamer smoothly contact the wellbore. Reasonably design the guiding belt of the drill bit body, with good guiding effect, so that the reamer can smoothly contact the wellbore wall and reduce the tendency of pipeline trajectory variation.


Recommended drilling parameters

Formations IADC WOB RPM
Soft formations with low compressive strength, such as soft limestone, soft shale, anhydrite, soft sandstone, and soft formations with hard interlayers 117/127 0.35-0.9 150-70
Soft to medium hard formations with low compressive strength and high drillability, such as limestone, mudstone, gypsum, rock salt, etc 517/537 0.4-1.0 120-60
Medium hardness formations with high compressive strength, such as hard shale, limestone, sandstone, dolomite, etc 617 0.45-1.1 90-50
Hard formations with high compressive strength, such as sandstone, dolomite, anhydrite, marble, etc 637 0.5-1.2 80-40
Note: The recommended drilling pressure and rotational speed ranges in the table cannot be used at the same time, and customized products may be provided as needed.

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