Kuwait Oil Company visits the factory for inspection and exchange, laying the foundation for further cooperation

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Kuwait Oil Company visited our factory on Sunday, December 3, 2023 for inspection and exchange. This was a successful meeting achieved through the recommendation of our partners. Both sides had frank and effective exchanges during this meeting, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation.

As an important participant in the international oil industry, Kuwait Oil Company has always enjoyed a high reputation worldwide. With the development of the global economy and the growth of energy demand, cooperation with Kuwait Oil Company is of great significance for the development of our factory.

The talks between the two sides were full of friendship and mutual trust. Before the meeting began, our factory prepared a warm welcome ceremony for the representatives of Kuwait Oil Company, demonstrating our importance and expectations for their arrival.

During the exchange process, both sides had in-depth discussions on oil extraction technology, environmental protection measures, market demand, and other aspects. The representatives of Kuwait Oil Company shared their rich experience and successful cases in the oil industry, which deeply inspired our factory representatives. At the same time, our factory representatives also introduced our achievements and advantages in technology research and development, production management, and other aspects to Kuwait Oil Company, demonstrating our strength and potential in the field of oil drilling.

Both sides reached a consensus during the exchange and reached a consensus on further cooperation. Representatives from both sides expressed their willingness to continue exploring cooperation opportunities together and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The successful holding of this meeting is not only an important milestone in the cooperation between our factory and Kuwait Oil Company, but also lays a solid foundation for further strengthening communication and cooperation between the two enterprises. Both sides will continue to deepen cooperation, jointly explore broader market opportunities, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the global energy industry.

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