Uzbekistan client visits our factory to have a detailed visit to the production process and series of finished products of tricone drill bits

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Two clients from Uzbekistan conducted a comprehensive and in-depth visit to our factory's production process, with a focus on the production process of tricone drill bits.

Recently, we received two customers from Uzbekistan.

With the introduction of our manager and the guidance of our salesperson, they conducted a comprehensive and in-depth visit to our production process. During the production line, they focused on the production process of three-cone bits and showed great interest in it.

The customer also carefully observed every step from raw materials to finished products, and visited some finished products of the three-cone bit. They highly praised our production process and technical level.

This visit has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties.  With our advanced production technology and high-quality three-cone bit products, we can provide customers with the best service and achieve win-win development for both parties.

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