The Neftegaz exhibition in Russia in 2024 has successfully concluded, and our foreign trade has made significant progress

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The 2024 Neftegaz exhibition in Russia has successfully concluded, and we have discussed future cooperation directions with new and old partners.

Recently, our company successfully concluded its participation in the 2024 Neftegaz exhibition in Russia and made significant progress in foreign trade.

The exhibition focuses on cutting-edge technologies and products in the oil and gas industry. Our company's exhibition of PDC drill bits, cone drills, and other drilling tools has attracted attention from numerous industry experts and overseas customers.

During the exhibition, our company had in-depth exchanges with numerous partners and discussed future cooperation directions in the field of oil and gas. The exhibition not only enhanced our brand awareness, but also facilitated the promotion of multiple important cooperation intentions.

This exhibition brings new opportunities for our company to explore the international market and injects strong momentum into future sustainable development and innovation.
Looking ahead to the future, our company will continue to deepen our efforts in the field of oil and gas drilling, guided by technological innovation, and contribute more to the global energy market.

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