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17 1/2″ S1665 S423


Steel Body PDC Bit

Above 16"

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Product details

Nomenclature of RUISHI Steel Body PDC Bit Model

S 19 5 5 X

Steel Body PDC Bit

Cutter Size
diameter 19mm
diameter 16mm
diameter 13mm
Blade Count 
from soft to hard

Design Characters
J/A J Series
X Sprial Gauge
C Sidetracking Bit
Q Core Bit
B Bi-center Bit
F Row Cutters
G Advanced Cutters



Size 17 1/2"
Number of blade 6
Primary Cutter Size(mm) 16
Nozzle Qty 9
Gauge Length 2"-3.5"
Connection 7-5/8"API REG



Rotary Speed(rpm) 60-250
Weight On Bit(KN) 30-180
Flow Rate(lps) 45-70


Trait:single row、6 blades、 9 water holes


Suitable for soft to medium hard formations



Wear-resistant hardfacing material is welded on the blade surface 

 Enhance the wear resistance and erosion resistance of the bit


Structure of long parabola with deep blade、anti-rotation design

   Increase blade depth and reduce torque
   Improve the drilling capacity、mechanical penetration rate and stability of the bit


Reasonable configuration of high-quality PDC cutters

   Increase the density of cutter、improve the attack ability and abradability of the bit


The diameter gauge with high-quality PDC cutters

   Reduce the abrasion of the gauge、increase wear resistance and stability of gauge


Shock-proof insert

   Reduce the vibration of bit during drilling
   Increase the stability and life of the bit


Optimize water conservancy structure

   Design of bottom hole flow field、accelerate the chip removal and reduce the mud bugs
   Increase the number of nozzles
   Optimize the water conservancy circulation system of bit
   Balanced fluid flow is conducive to cooling cutting teeth and reducing bit erosion


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